Yay! Another Blanche fan! There aren't many of them since most people have Ankha and Diana as their snooty. :)

hello! aaah, i adore blanche! it shocks me she’s not more popular — she’s gorgeous and she’s got a lovely house (inside and out)! and she’s so tall and elegant, her design fits her personality so well!! although i have to admit i’m a huuuuge diana fan too! <3 i’m lucky to have a second town so i don’t feel like i have to choose between my lovely snooties!
i hope you have a fabulous day!!

okay, i’ve finally cycled enough to have a guaranteed snooty move in
back to resetting for blanche!!



egbert is moving into my cycling town
one of the main characters in my wip novel is named egbert hehehe

i&#8217;m done with this goddamn game(explanation here if you&#8217;re interested)

i’m done with this goddamn game
(explanation here if you’re interested)

how do you cycle effectively??

hello! i can’t claim to know the most effective, tried and true method but this is what has been working very well for me tonight (eight/nine villagers, combination of moving villagers in and out):

  • get a ninth villager into boxes
  • time travel forward one day to get rid of their house and then save and quit
  • time travel forward eight days which ought to result in a new villager plot. if you haven’t got a new plot, you can time travel forward until you find one
  • when you find a plot, save and quit
  • time travel forward five days and you ought to have a villager in boxes
  • (if there’s nobody in boxes, save and quit and time travel ahead another five days)
  • rinse and repeat!!

i don’t know whether this works 100% of the time but i’ve had really good success with it tonight! it might just be luck but yeah!! this is a pretty risky process too of course, so it’s best to use it only if there’s no villagers you want to keep (or if you’re absolutely confident you can catch a mover before they leave). 

i hope you have an excellent day!

SHIT i just loaded up my second town while i was resetting for blanche omg i hate myself
there’s two, three nights of resetting down the drain fml

i was just thinking last night
how cool would a rainbow town be?? 
i’m imagining villager houses arranged in a perfect line in rainbow order (based on exterior and also the colour of the villager) aaah it would look so cool


has this been done yet or


has this been done yet or

i have so much respect for cyclers (especially those who run cycling threads/blogs for others’ benefit) because it’s so boring and frustrating oh my GOD