last summer


last summer

path help???????????

hello! i’m not really sure what i can help with, this is quite vague. a lot of people lay down their paths by connecting all the important parts of their town (retail, town hall, train station, beach entrances etc) and then branch out to include villager homes/residents. it’s also quite common to keep paths fairly consistent! two tile wide paths are fairly standard as they allow plenty of room for walking/running while not eating up too much space. one tile wide paths are cute for winding trails and for branching off to villager homes, they give a cosy and quaint feel. three tile wide paths are very open and can be used to great effect to draw attention to certain parts of town. i most often see three tile wide paths when leading away from important doorways eg. town hall, train station. 
i hope this helps somewhat, and i hope you have a lovely day!

Im absolutely jealous of your town and ive started using clovers as my paths but im having a hard time choosing what to put to outline the clover paths can you help? ive started using bushes cedars and bamboo what else and what order, please help <3 : )

hello! ahh, sorry, but i don’t know what else i can help with! you’ve pretty much got it covered! you could also try flowers and regular oak/fruit trees, but that’s about all there is for standard path lining! your town’s look has to be your decision. i can’t possibly decide something like that for you! you really just need to try different things out and see what works for you! don’t be afraid to try things and then take them down if you don’t particularly like it. your town is an evolving work of art! you don’t have to find the perfect look on the first try!
good luck! and i hope you have a wonderful day/evening!

Im so happy with my 'paths' so far, i absolutely love one part and im excited to proceed, but im abit confused as to thinking its gonna be 'too much' with all the trees ect can you help? x

hello! i’m sorry but i don’t really know what i can help with! everyone has different tastes in towns — some prefer a dense look while others like to keep things airy. there’s no ‘too much’ if you’re happy with the way it looks!
the only thing you can really do is try it. if you like it, great! if you don’t, that’s okay too! you can just rip it down and try again until you find something you like! maybe you could try spacing your trees out a little (eg. two spaces apart instead of one) to make it seem a little more open.
i’m happy you like what you’ve done so far, though! just keep working and experimenting until you find a look that suits your tastes!
good luck and i hope you have a lovely day!

i’m villager resetting in my second town at the moment and deena keeps showing up ahh no i’m looking for the other normal duck

What does cycling through villagers mean, i see loads of people having two cards and one being their main and the other a 'cycling town' ?

hello! the term ‘cycling’ can mean more than one thing depending on the context, but it’s most often used to refer to the process of moving villagers out of your town. 

a cycling town is a town (often a secondary town) which people use to move villagers in and out for the purposes of selling, giving away, or keeping for their own use. 

if somebody says they’re trying to cycle a specific villager out of their town, it means they’re trying to get them to move out.

if somebody is cycling for a specific villager, this often means that they’re either a) doing the sixteen villager cycle or b) trying to find this villager by moving other villagers in and out in the hopes that the villager will move in randomly (this is often combined with the villager reset trick).

the sixteen villager cycle is the process of moving a total of sixteen villagers out of your town in order to invite a previous villager back. people often undertake this when they unexpectedly lose their favourite villagers. you can google this for more specific information about the technicalities/technique!

i hope this helps! and i hope you have a fantastic day!

Hi, I've looked everywhere for an answer to this, but does grass deteriorate if you run over clovers? You've got a fair few in your town, so I'm hoping you might know. I'm very keen on using your style of path for my town but I'm the type of person that uses path's to run everywhere, so I'd like to know before I go out and gather lucky clovers by the bucketful.

hello! grass does indeed deteriorate despite clovers, which is kind of a shame. however, it’s fairly easy to maintain the grass on your paths by time travelling a full month forward and back. here’s a link to an explanation i wrote on how i go about doing this safely! 
good luck with whatever you decide to do! and i hope you have a wonderful day!

where did you buy clovers from?

hello! i didn’t buy very many but i probably bought them from other players on animalcrossingcommunity! i didn’t use the bell tree forums or tumblr very much for trading back then!
i hope you have a lovely day!