it really weirds me out when i go into the insect museum wing and see the sideways trees 


The most intensive and informational tutorial I have made as of yet, it took ages. But here are 6 necklines for you to try! I’m sorry the pictures are quite small, I recommend saving them and zooming if you want to see the pixels better. If not they still make a good guide to go on. Hope you enjoy!

Sorry if this is already shown somewhere (mobile sucks) but could you tell us what date your dream town is set as?

hello! don’t worry, i haven’t got it displayed anywhere!! it’s been a long time since i updated so i could be wrong but i think it’s 1am on march 9th (it rings a bell)! if it’s not that exact date, it’d only be maybe within a week of that. :D 
i hope you have a fantastic day!

youre so beautiful omg!

hello! oh my goodness, thank you so so so much!!! that’s so kind of you to say and i appreciate it more than you know!! ;___; THANK YOU AAAAAH!!! i hope you have a fabulous day!!

How did you manage to get so many 4 leafed clovers?

hello! i harvested a handful from my cycling/time travelling town and bought a couple online, and the rest were acquired through duping. i hope you have a lovely day!

How many people visited your dream town? I probably visited it twenty times already! :3

hello! aaah, thank you so much, i’m so glad you like it!! i’m really sorry but i don’t have any up-to-date numbers because i haven’t updated my dream in a while! but at the time of my last dream update, i’d had 3,507 visitors which is mind boggling!!!
i hope you have a wonderful day!

Can you post your selfie? ;D

hello! i literally cannot believe i’m doing this but i’m feeling uncharacteristically confident tonight so … okay, why not?! (i’ll probably take this down when the self consciousness comes back)
i hope you have a lovely day!!

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Today was my birthday, and also, the day my mother passed away. I decided to go to different towns to comfort myself, and I found your town very comforting and relaxing. I love how you answer everyone's questions, no matter how rude they are to you. I'm still a little depressed, knowing my mother will not be here anymore, but I'll visit your town everyday to relieve my stress! You are my role model. <3

hello! oh my goodness, i’m so sorry for your loss. i know there’s nothing i can say that can even begin to make you feel better, but i’m so, so sorry and i wish i could give you a big hug! i’m so thankful that north could make you feel even the tiniest bit better!
it’s absolutely okay to be sad, please don’t feel pressured to move on before you are ready. but the sun will come out again, i can promise you that! <3
and congratulations on completing another revolution of the sun! i hope the year ahead brings you good fortune and joy!
thank you so so much for the kind words, and i’ll keep you and your mother in my thoughts tonight. <3 much love!

honestly your town is my all time favourite i try to visit it every night or at least once a week and sometimes i fall asleep exploring it every time i visit it gets more beautiful and i find something new

hello! aaaaah, oh my goodness, thank you so so much!! ;__; i’m so overjoyed to hear that, it means so much to me!! i’m so glad you like it! this is such a lovely message, thank you so much! i hope you have an excellent day and thank you again!!! :D