regular drain + grassy drain to use with your water pump or as a bridge over your waterways!



Heyoo, I made that side blog. If you want to submit maps to me to draw paths on, please go here instead.

I added a disqus section, so people can comment on things they would add or change. I’m debating whether or not I’ll also reblog path QRs that show up on my dash.

So yaaay, lets see how this all goes down.

hello, fellow acnl bloggers!


my friend and i are doing a giveaway and we’d like you to help us by doing this poll that we made, so we can gauge the popularity of some items, and how wanted they are!

if you have any items you want to add, please comment on the poll and if it’s popular enough, we will consider adding that item to the giveaway as well!  thank you friends, and happy playing~

Do you know of any patterns that look like clovers? I want to use them to break up my paths and make them less harsh and blocky but I just can't find any four leaf clovers! :(

hello! i’m really sorry but i don’t know of any offhand! i know mayormeadow has a beautiful flower path tile as well as matching stones which you can find here, but that’s really the only thing i can think of! 
otherwise, you might find something similar to what you have in mind by browsing through blogs such as acnlpaths, acpath, animalcrossingcloset (path tag), or merongcrossing (paths tag).
good luck, i hope you find what you’re looking for soon! and i hope you have a wonderful day!

hi guys!
i’m so sorry i haven’t been around much recently, i’ve been feeling very unwell and uni just keeps getting busier and busier. i’ll do my best to answer some messages today! 
i hope you’ve all been well!! 


getting some painting done


getting some painting done