hi guys! i really hate to bring this up again but i need to make myself clear. clover paths do not belong to me and it is unacceptable to accuse others of copying or stealing from north if they are using them too — that’s kind of like saying ‘x player used bushes to line their paths, anybody else who does that is copying!’ 

i am far from the first person to use them and i definitely will not be the last. i do not condone sending accusatory messages to others and if anybody reading this has done so, please stop. please don’t take it upon yourself to point fingers because it’s only causing hurt feelings and negativity over a game that’s meant to be an escape from all that. it’s got to the point where people are afraid to post photos or share dream addresses for fear of being attacked, and that’s horrifying. if i have an issue with someone i will take it up with them myself and in private. 

please don’t be afraid to use clover paths if you want to because i support you 100%! post your beautiful photos and share the dream towns you worked so hard to create and have fun with them! 
and if you ever did send somebody else a message accusing them of copying north, please don’t do so again. i appreciate you may have had good intentions but it’s contributing to an unsafe environment and making people upset and worried over something that’s not even a problem.


Animal Crossing: New Leaf house exterior options.

Dezain No Aru Kurashi: Tobidase Dobutsu No Mori. Japan: Enterbrain, 2013. Print.

when plot resetting is it normal for the plot to be in the same place for like 7 times in a row??? it hasn't moved at all i am worried (thank you xoxo)

hello! don’t worry, that happens annoyingly often to me as well! there are usually a couple of places around town where villagers will be more likely to set up their plots (i also find that these spots tend to change if you try to negate them with pwps). just keep trying!! the plot will only save in position if you a) save it with the new character at town hall or b) load up your town with an existing character. if you haven’t done either of those, you still ought to be able to move it! good luck and i hope you have a lovely day!

if i were to make an ac blog should i just make a secondary blog or should i make a new one with a different email? what's your advice on making an ac blog?

hello! hmm, i think there are pros and cons for both options! 
if you make a sideblog, the biggest benefit is the ease of access. you don’t have to worry about switching browsers or logging in and out etc., and any messages you get will end up in the same inbox (although you can view them by blog). i found this especially useful in the early days of my blog when i was just using it as a place to vent and talk about about the game!
if you make a new blog with a different email, that helps to keep everything separate. you won’t have to worry about accidentally reblogging things to the wrong blog and you can send messages with your acnl url, which is a big plus! i think this might be a good option if you wanted to interact with the community a lot, so that you don’t have to worry about introducing yourself at the start of messages! but then again, floatingpresents is a sideblog so there could be a lot more pros and cons for a separate email address acnl blog that i don’t know about! 
and my biggest advice for making an ac blog would be to just have fun with it and make sure you’re blogging for yourself rather than others! otherwise it might start to feel like more of a chore than a hobby. enjoy yourself!!
i hope you have a wonderful day!

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Litterally my favorite song in animal crossing

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Easily the best K.K. Song, played by real instruments.

I had to make a playlist on my profile just because of it.